Carolyn – Chairperson of Evangelism/Board Secretary

Carolyn Davis was born to Elaine and Anthony Williams. She was born and raised in Chicago Illinois and relocated to Douglasville Georgia in 2013. It was there that she met the love of her life and then married Pastor Tremain Davis in October 2016. Pastor Davis inherited four beautiful children – Ashley, Andre, Armani, and Autumn.

Carolyn is a Registered Nurse and has practiced since 2004. She knew since she was a little girl that she was called to do something special but had no clue what it was. She received her calling for Evangelism in 2015 and she was in disbelief, but swiftly accepted the call. Carolyn serves as the Secretary of the Board and the Director of Evangelism for Kingdom Life Community Church. She is looking forward to serving the members of KLCC as well as others.

Armani – Church Chef/Board Treasurer

Armani is a young man from Chicago who loves to cook. He finds fulfillment in serving and pleasing others through cooking. Armani is actively pursuing his calling and walking in his purpose while growing in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Harold – Executive Director/Board Vice President

Harold is a professional photographer and entrepreneur currently located in Douglasville, GA. He was born in London England and has had the opportunity to live in 7 different countries and experience a variety of cultures and perspectives. Harold has always had the heart to serve God and believes that we should all be a reflection of the Lord in our everyday lives. Harold is married and has one son.

El – Director of Children & Youth Ministries

Elizabeth, lovingly referred to as El, is a former model and child-care professional who currently works at The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. El has been caring for kids since she was a teenager and has always had a special anointing when it comes to children. She felt her calling to serve God at a young age and has been an active participant of every church that she has been a member of, be it in the praise ministry, choir or hospitality ministry. El says that she will take a special pleasure in helping young people to learn about God.