About Us

Thank you for visiting KLCC! Through this page we want to minster, encourage, and inspire you through the word of God while giving you a voice to express yourself and seek the will of God as you encounter life on a daily basis.

Scripture Focus: Matthew 6:33 (NLT2) Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.
Kingdom of God: The kingdom is God’s reign through God’s people over God’s place (creation).

Mission: To advance the Kingdom of God through evangelism and discipleship

Vision: To transform lives by displaying God’s love, character, and power as we pattern our lives and speech after the gospel of Jesus Christ and inspire others to do the same.

Leadership: We are servant leaders, servants of God and servants of others. That means servant leaders must have a vision given by God for the purpose of glorifying God and blessing others. In the words of the late Dr. Munroe, “How do you know that the vision you have for your life is from God? How do you distinguish between personal ambition and divine vision? The answer to those questions is simple: if your vision improves only your life, focuses only on your needs, and fulfills only your private dreams, it is not a divine vision. Any true vision, motivated by the Creator, will improve the lives of those around you. Servant leadership is about others. It is not about us. Servant leadership is becoming yourself for the advantage of others. True vision will always benefit and improve others, never harm or destroy them.” True leadership “is the capacity to influence others through inspiration motivated by a passion, generated by a vision, produced by a conviction, ignited by a purpose.”

– Reach 50-100 people by the end of 2022
– Raise $25,000.00-$50,000.00 by the end of 2022
– To help restore godly families, to see godly men and godly women take their rightful places as godly husbands and wives raising their children in the fear of the Lord.
– To help restore broken families and communities where men and women and families are prospering and drugs, prostitution, and crime are disappearing!
-To help people, particularly minorities, to be able to walk away from government assistance and stand on their own two feet taking care of themselves and their children.
-To build a loving and morally strong economic community so united that we will be able to invest in our own communities and our children’s future, giving them a heritage to be proud of and making it accessible for them to attend whatever school they so desire while instilling within them the responsibility of them pouring back into their community and the next generation so that they may experience the same blessings and one day carry the torch and pass it down to the next generation!
-To help free our elders from social security and having to suffer the indignity of losing their houses and or worrying about their quality of living due to economic hardship. Our mothers and fathers worked hard to take care of us, they deserve to live their golden years in dignity until the Lord calls them home! As a people united under God, we will care for our elders because our elders cared for us!

-To help raise up godly leaders who will submit to godly ways that we may bring about godly results for God’s glory and the good of all mankind!
-To obtain financial freedom by building generational wealth and to help others do the same.

Phase 1: Kingdom Life Community Sanctuary
Phase 2: Kingdom Life Community Center (Swimming Pool, gymnasium, state-of-the-art game room, fitness room)
Phase 3: Kingdom Life Community College with focus on: Religion, Science, Law, Business, Medicine, Theater, & Technology (All courses will be taught from a Christian perspective).

Note: Together we can fight to advance God’s kingdom, bring an end to racial inequality, poverty, crime and violence amongst African Americans, other minorities, and all people throughout the world. God has removed the bars to our prisons, whether self-imposed or imposed by others. And we must not allow the enemy of our souls to bind and shackle us to lies and false ideologies and well sounding but misleading philosophies! This is my vision that I believe God gave to me, which ultimately makes it His vision! My hope is that it will become our vision and with God through the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit, this vision, this dream will become a reality!


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